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Don’t say “I’m not like other girls.”

Be like other girls and meld with other girls and become one with the glorious mass of writhing womanhood that will roll over the towns and the cities and devour all space and all time.

i like how our response to day-to-day shitty events of misogyny/homophobia/etc has officially become this brand of nightmarish surrealism and it genuinely makes me feel better


ayyyyyy come look at my fucked up OC

Amalgams are mobile platforms that consist of stacked colonies of microscopic entities informally known as demons, which are bonded parasitically to the body of a magician. A byproduct of magic use on or near significant quantities of standing water, demons spontaneously swarm puddles or lakes in the presence of magical energy. They crave and feed on magic, which also appears to have a cohesive effect on them: normally individualistic, single-cell-like demons will bond together while feeding and create larger and more intuitive beings.

While demons largely ignore normal humans (although ingestion of contaminated water may result in severe health problems), they will aggressively pursue magicians, who often avoid and fear water for this reason. Demons are highly parasitic in nature, and contact with bare skin will result in them burrowing into and anchoring themselves to the body of the magic user, where they will remain, feeding off their latent energy. While smaller sites of contamination on the limbs can be localized and easily removed, the same cannot be said for the unfortunate magician who falls into a teeming lake of demons.

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You guys might recognize some of the thumbnails and a preview from a post awhile back… here’s the finished piece! :D

Done for the charity artbook Memorieal which recently gave us the go-ahead to upload the illustrations we did earlier this year. As a kid I had a flying/gliding bear species based off this stuffed animal (I named them “Pinky Bears” since I was an original precious snowflake). They were the mortal enemies of eagles, and they primarily ate fish — which they stored underground in burrows. Since that’s what bears do.

Is this one about to grab one or shake its fin? WE MAY NEVER KNOW.

tumblr certainly hates me

anyways these were two of the palettes I was looking at for the protagonist of my animation piece

since its about sleep and dreams one of them was based off of the colors from this sheep doll i had as a kid and the other one was like red-violets to contrast the manifestation of the dreams, which would be gold

i just want to know which one you think looks nicer i guess 

Those are both very nice color palettes (and an adorable character too, oh gosh). I admit I was originally leaning towards the pastel palette as it looked very soft and dreamlike, but the idea of the character’s colors reflecting the dreams is pretty rad too. The reds feel a little overpowering, though, but that might just be me. If you were to go with the red/gold palette, I might suggest going a bit lighter with said reds, or pushing them a little closer to violet?

Knowing a bit about the character might help too. Are they bold and active, like the vibrant reds in your palette, or more quiet and subdued, like the pastels?

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